My Website

My professional website is up and running, linked on all my social media platforms, it is basically an online collection of my favourite work, a more extensive version of what will be in my professional Portfolio.

How I made my wesbite;

A good website should be simple, elegent, clutter free and show simply the answer to these questions;

  1. Who is this person?
  2. Where are they based?
  3. What work have they done before?
  4. Examples of recent work?
  5. How much do they charge? (Dayrate)
  6. How do I contact this person?

It should also be easy to navigate with a simple introduction saying who you are, what you do(shory and sweet). The work displayed should be categorised and clearly labelled, showing a varied and carefully selected varitey of work.

The work shown should be alongside context for the work, with a client brief/process/description/relevent links to articles or websites.

It should include an about me Page, with a compelling biography, that should sell yourself and your work, by showing your skills, work and experience all of which should be simple and conversational yet factual.

The about me will be written as if talking to a stranger, saying who you are, where you do it, why you do it and how you do it, all of which you should say by being humble yet confident in you ability. The most important thing for your wesbite though is to make it as easy as possible for potential employees and people looking for an illustrator to contact you, this is most easily achieved by having a contact me page, on which you should put links to all your social media, a phone/email address if you so wish to share this, and a contact form.

When designing my website it took me a while to think of catagories that would best summarise my work, I went with types of editorial work;

  • HOME- Which is just my favourite work, with my name and menu catagories under.
  • PROMOTIONAL- Which includes my favourite select promotion based work, i.e. things I’ve made to promote a subject, the images I chose were from a charity project, and a post I made to promote a shadow puppet performance. These show my techiqual painting skills, and my paper-cut, collaborative skills.
  • EDITORIAL- Of which includes my favourite select editorial based work. The images I chose were four images from my Illustra-TED project from second year, two images from my War Horse Project, and a GIF I made to go with a news article, also from second year. these show my techniqual artistic skills, especially my use of ink, water colour, plus my ability to make a GIF.
  • NARRATIVE- Of which includes my favourite select narrative based work. The images I chose were three collage based pieces, two from my Biographies project, which using collage and paper cut, and one from the 28 Days of Something project, which is a purely collage based piece. These show my ability to use the adobe suite, and my paper cut and collage skills.
  • RECENT- Which gives a little summary of what my most recent work entails, plus a tease image of what the work will be based around.
  • ABOUT- Which includes a little summary of my creative life and work, plus where I’m based, and my rates. I have also listed my key skills on this page.
  • CONTACT- This has links to all my social media, an email address they can contact me on, plus a form that can be filled in to contact me directly and quickly, using my website.

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Above shows screen shots of each of the pages on my website, for a closer inspection, please feel free to have a look on my wesbite;

Becky’s Website



All people looking to find a job or career know that you need to have a CV for your potential employers to look before you can get even close to an interview.  As illustration students, its hard enough to get yourself onto the career ladder, but to become a professional in the art industry you become quickly aware your going to need TWO CVs (I thought one was bad enough!).

Having worked part time since e age of 17, I was well on the way to having done before I’d even started! I already had a professionally finished CV, which has proved successful at getting me employement, although admittedly, through the workshops I realised it had a few issues, such as dates being reversed, and the content being far too elaborate. These changes were only minor to make, but I’d like to think these difference could make the difference in a potential employer glancing at my CV just to put it straight back down, and giving me an interview.

Below you can see it’s simplistic but professional and stylish and gets the job done;

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.09.50

Once I had made the changes to my regular CV, I made a copy of this document and made the quintessential changes to make it into a Artist CV. Firstly I changed my personal statement to more of an artist statement, following this I have added an artist skills section, I would also add my exhibitions or awards I’ve won, although at this point in time I have very little to add in that respect. I believe my CV is quite empty for a Artist but I think this is to be expected from an artist straight out of university, with very little professional experience under their belt.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 16.12.58

Apart from the odd gramatical error, this is an accurate representation of my CV’s of current. I will be updating the image at the top to a more up-to-date piece of work once my degree project is done.

Becky Watts Creative CV


PP- Personal Statement Draft

I have heard conflicting opinions on whether a personal statement should be in first or third person, and what should be included for which personal statement one in writing, i.e. the one that goes along with your work at a gallery, the one you would put in your online or printed portfolio, the one that goes in your CV. All of which say similiar things but to varying degree of detail.

This is the first draft;

Becky. A. Watts is a self-motivated mixed media Illustrator, who works best under pressure; currently finishing off her degree she is working on expanding her portfolio.

Becky works with a number of different mediums and is happy to explore with a different style, often choosing the media based on what works best for the project topic. With this in mind, her preferred mediums are working with inks, fine line pens, watercolour and collage.

Born in Bury St Edmunds, a large town in Suffolk, and living no more than a half an hour drive from said town her entire life, until leaving for university, her life was relatively sheltered and privileged. It wasn’t until she began reading feminist academic theories, and fictional stories suggested by friends and tutors, as well as immersing herself in Feminist communities, that Becky discovered a passion for campaigning for Gender Equality.

A majority of Becky’s work up to this point has been focused on her passion for achieving Gender Equality, through her work she aims to enlighten and diversify people’s understanding and to allow those who may not necessarily experience sexism to the same degree, or may have been conditioned to ignore sexist behaviour, and insight into the situations experienced daily by many women, and to create a line of communication between those afflicting the behaviour and those receiving it.

4a80ce327b7ff91723de30a30ad1fbdfAfter some feedback and another Personal Statement workshop I came up with these;


Innovative visual mixed media Illustrator. Passion to make work that serves to raise awareness of social issues. Confident working and leading small teams, but efficient and secure in personal abilities working independently. Proficient social and communication skills.

ARTIST STATEMENT (What may be in accompanying work in a Gallery)

Becky Watts is a mixed-media Illustrator passionate about making work that serves to raise awareness of social issues. A current major project addresses gender equality and aims to open up transformative discussion about sexism.


I am a self-motivated mixed media Illustrator, whom works best under pressure; I’m currently finishing off my degree and expanding my portfolio.

I can work with a number of different mediums and am happy to explore with different styles, often choosing the medium based on what works best for the project topic. With this in mind, my preferred mediums are Indian Inks, Fine-liners, Watercolour and Collage.

In university I developed an interest in reading feminist academic theories, and fictional stories suggested by friends and tutors. Through this I immersed myself in Feminist communities, and discovered a passion for campaigning for Gender Equality.

My most recent project has been born from my passion for achieving Gender Equality, through my work I aim to enlighten and diversify peoples understanding, and to allow those who may not notice sexism or believe sexism is a mute topic, and show an insight into the situations experienced daily by many women, and to create a line of communication between those afflicting the behaviour and those receiving it.