Business Cards

Simple, sleek, uncomplicated- all things I knew I wanted, however it wasn’t until after i did my zine that I knew what image to use.

The image choice is not only stylish and in theme with my current work, but when making my zine, I chose not to associate my name witht he images, as theyre a non-profit piece of promotion for a good empowering cause, however it occured after they were sent to the printer, that they are in no-way associated with  my name, and so the image choice was made for me;

but in no-way am I complaigning, I love this image as image choice, I even chose to use the front from the zine’s back cover, as the front for my information side.

I chose not to give myself a title of Illustrator, because it felt redundant, it being in both my email and my website address!



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My Website

My professional website is up and running, linked on all my social media platforms, it is basically an online collection of my favourite work, a more extensive version of what will be in my professional Portfolio.

How I made my wesbite;

A good website should be simple, elegent, clutter free and show simply the answer to these questions;

  1. Who is this person?
  2. Where are they based?
  3. What work have they done before?
  4. Examples of recent work?
  5. How much do they charge? (Dayrate)
  6. How do I contact this person?

It should also be easy to navigate with a simple introduction saying who you are, what you do(shory and sweet). The work displayed should be categorised and clearly labelled, showing a varied and carefully selected varitey of work.

The work shown should be alongside context for the work, with a client brief/process/description/relevent links to articles or websites.

It should include an about me Page, with a compelling biography, that should sell yourself and your work, by showing your skills, work and experience all of which should be simple and conversational yet factual.

The about me will be written as if talking to a stranger, saying who you are, where you do it, why you do it and how you do it, all of which you should say by being humble yet confident in you ability. The most important thing for your wesbite though is to make it as easy as possible for potential employees and people looking for an illustrator to contact you, this is most easily achieved by having a contact me page, on which you should put links to all your social media, a phone/email address if you so wish to share this, and a contact form.

When designing my website it took me a while to think of catagories that would best summarise my work, I went with types of editorial work;

  • HOME- Which is just my favourite work, with my name and menu catagories under.
  • PROMOTIONAL- Which includes my favourite select promotion based work, i.e. things I’ve made to promote a subject, the images I chose were from a charity project, and a post I made to promote a shadow puppet performance. These show my techiqual painting skills, and my paper-cut, collaborative skills.
  • EDITORIAL- Of which includes my favourite select editorial based work. The images I chose were four images from my Illustra-TED project from second year, two images from my War Horse Project, and a GIF I made to go with a news article, also from second year. these show my techniqual artistic skills, especially my use of ink, water colour, plus my ability to make a GIF.
  • NARRATIVE- Of which includes my favourite select narrative based work. The images I chose were three collage based pieces, two from my Biographies project, which using collage and paper cut, and one from the 28 Days of Something project, which is a purely collage based piece. These show my ability to use the adobe suite, and my paper cut and collage skills.
  • RECENT- Which gives a little summary of what my most recent work entails, plus a tease image of what the work will be based around.
  • ABOUT- Which includes a little summary of my creative life and work, plus where I’m based, and my rates. I have also listed my key skills on this page.
  • CONTACT- This has links to all my social media, an email address they can contact me on, plus a form that can be filled in to contact me directly and quickly, using my website.

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Above shows screen shots of each of the pages on my website, for a closer inspection, please feel free to have a look on my wesbite;

Becky’s Website

What Am I like? PP Workshop



I’m creative and can draw (obviously), as well as being good with technology, specifically Photoshop/adobe suite basic knowledge. I am very good at coming up with ideas.



  • Social/Personable
  • Good Communicator
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Detail Orientated
  • Ability to Multi-Task
  • Reliable
  • Ability to Priotise
  • Concientious thinker
  • Self Motivated
  • Works well in pressure/time sensitive situations


  • Indian Inks
  • Digital Drawing
  • Watercolour
  • Etching
  • Screen Printing
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Versatile with Mediums
  • Creative and Innovative thinker
  • Adobe Suite Proficient
  • Microsoft Office Proficient
  • Experienced using Graphic Design Tablets
  • 2D Design


I am an artist and thinker.

Am I a Natural Freelancer? Employee? Entrepreneur?

FREELANCER; I personally think I am lacking the personal motivation, and am probably too lazy to make any kind of success of myself.

EMPLOYEE; I am good at following instructions so yes, I believe I’d make a good employee, I have worked for two people in the past for long periods of time and have been told I am a briliant employee.

ENTREPRENEUR; Long term I have various Business ideas but in most I would need a Business partner for support and motivation, as i work best when I have to get things done for others to do what they need to do.


To work as part of a creative team, maybe eventually aim to be in a role such as creative director or maybe create my own Creative consultancy firm. I personally think freelance is too much pressure for me, and I don’t think I’d do well in it, I would still like to do freelance work occasionally or on the side but not full time.


Social Change, Social Issues, Feminism, Sexism,(Gender Inequality) Women, Sociatial Normalities, Accepted Normalities.


I have learnt that I have plenty of creative and fascinating ideas/concepts with potential but have very little follow through(scared of failure, better to never try than to fail) so wouldn’t make a brilliant freenlancer as stands, so I should use my creativity in other ways, as I can draw without issue but fear of failure is a very real issue for me.


To be a freelancer; not at all, but to in a professional working environment, I think I am ready, other than my feer of public speaking but I am improving dramatically in that respect, although I think the pressure of the End of Year Viva may be too much for me, and I could well crack under that pressure.



Social Media

In preparation for post-graduation I have spent quite a lot of time making social media a heavier part of my life, before only really using facebook and occasionally posting on instagram, but never really sharing my work, I suppose in the hesitation of potential judgement. I have left my facebook for purely social reasons, but have been working on my twitter and Instgram regulary since February.


Firstly I decided instead of creating a new handle (which purhaps I should have done in hind-sight) I went about logging onto my long forgotton twitter handle from high school, after about a day I was finally able to log on and saw the disaster of a mess it was. I bagan by deleting all existing tweets, which was easier said than done, although it could have been far worse, as I only had around a thousand tweets, which wasn’t go bad once I got into the rythm of deleteing. Then I went about improving the appearence of my twiiter, by changing the header image, the about me section, and linking my instagram, as I suspect I will posting more regulary on there, and my website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 14.33.31.png

I was trying to post onto twitter daily but that task was too much as I wanted my twitter to be purely Illustration based, with no or little personal content, unless relevent to my work.

I have realised how important the use of hashtags are when using instagram, so have been careful about what I write and which hastags I should use as obviously there is a limited word count on twitter. For examples, I’ve been using hastags such as #illustration and/or #illustrator, #editorial to gain the attention of those with a passion of interest in illustration, or hopefully other illustrators. I’ve also been using the hashtags #Cardiff, as lots of Cardiff based twitter pages like to promote things based in Cardiff. Lastly I’ve been tagging CSAD Illustration and CSAD, which has resolted in re-posting.

If you’d be interested in checking it out, or even following me (I will start posting more regually when I’ve not got quite so much work to do) heres the link!

Becky’s Illustration Twitter


Instagram is a social media I am much more aware of as a platform, having until last summer used instagram fairly regulary, posting and hashtagging, but the content was very varied and not over considered when it came to compositon and editing.

I decided again to keep my same Instagram account, but rather than deleting all conent, I left it, and just changed the bia to a more proffesional information section, and adding illustrative work images to the account every-once and a while, as I personally like to not-just see someones work, but see the person and theyre life.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 15.12.37

I aim to upload every two days, at prime times, which during the week in the UK is at 9pm, and during the weekend tends to be in the morning or lunch-afternoon, as peoples are more busy during the evenings of weekends and tend not to check social media as much.

Hashtagging also plays a vital role in instagram posting;

examples being;

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 15.17.30Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 15.18.22Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 15.17.41Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 15.18.49

I use both relative tags to the image and popular hashtags such as #photoftheday #instaoftheday #instalike. I also split the comment section into two parts, the top part with people will see underneigh the picture, and then leave some blank space, a line, and then the hashtags, as people only want to the see the comment, and if the tags are shown people can find them irritating.

If you’d be interested in checking it out, or even following me (I’m still doing okay at posting regulary but of late have had a laps due to high work load) heres the link!

Beckys Instagram

or my handle is ;


Solidarity; Creating process

I began by printing off all these images of these strong women, in varying degrees of red, and went about stetching. I didn’t like the finish of this, they felt too staged, and so I thought maybe a more accurate representation was the way to go. Using tracing paper, I went about making a stylised version of these women with accurate proportions.

I then experimented with mediums and size, luckily, not long in I lucky to find the perfect medium, this browny red, really rich when edited right and perfect for this. I really wanted everything to be in one colour, or at least on the colour range.

I then went about re-creating until perfection, the usual case, I kept on drawing, I made 100% I was happy with the medium, by using multiple mediums for a number of my orginal drawings. Something about the images at this point thought were lacking depth, and were also on paper that encouraged ink bleed.

I moved on to thinker cartridge paper, and carried on, re-creating, until 100% satisfied with the images.



All people looking to find a job or career know that you need to have a CV for your potential employers to look before you can get even close to an interview.  As illustration students, its hard enough to get yourself onto the career ladder, but to become a professional in the art industry you become quickly aware your going to need TWO CVs (I thought one was bad enough!).

Having worked part time since e age of 17, I was well on the way to having done before I’d even started! I already had a professionally finished CV, which has proved successful at getting me employement, although admittedly, through the workshops I realised it had a few issues, such as dates being reversed, and the content being far too elaborate. These changes were only minor to make, but I’d like to think these difference could make the difference in a potential employer glancing at my CV just to put it straight back down, and giving me an interview.

Below you can see it’s simplistic but professional and stylish and gets the job done;

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.09.50

Once I had made the changes to my regular CV, I made a copy of this document and made the quintessential changes to make it into a Artist CV. Firstly I changed my personal statement to more of an artist statement, following this I have added an artist skills section, I would also add my exhibitions or awards I’ve won, although at this point in time I have very little to add in that respect. I believe my CV is quite empty for a Artist but I think this is to be expected from an artist straight out of university, with very little professional experience under their belt.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 16.12.58

Apart from the odd gramatical error, this is an accurate representation of my CV’s of current. I will be updating the image at the top to a more up-to-date piece of work once my degree project is done.

Becky Watts Creative CV


A little update

Quite ironically, it took a day without the internet for me to finally get around to updating my blog, just imagine it, no Mobile Data, no Wifi, just DVD’s you’ve watched a dozen times each, and a knowing weight on your chest that you’ve still to do a very important part of your degree but you despise it more than any other thing. 

Without any further adue I suppose I’ll get on with it, I’m not entirely sure how I’ll go about it so there may well be little-to-no sensial order to these following posts, which I suspect will be coming in some regularity for the next two weeks.

Of late, I’ve spent majority of my time since January (post dissertation hand in) working on my subject content, of which I will be debuting in the degree show in May. When I’ve not been doing subject work, I designated select hours per-week to work on my professional practice. Obviously when I wasn’t doing either of these my life was fairly occupied with sleeping, drinking and working, all fairly regular practices for students. 

So I suppose a sensible order would be to do my professional practice posts first, in the order I completed them in real life, and then go back on myself and update subject in a relitiveoy compact re-telling of how I’ve got to where I am. 

Can you tell I’m stalling?