Solidarity; Printing & Presenting

Using InDesign, I put together my zine, with the assistance of my good pal Eliot southwell, who also helped me with typography, helping font choose and writing styles.

It took my a good few days to put it together, with neither of us being particulary edept with indesign software, but I was soon happy with it;


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I knew I wanted a flip through zine style product, but it wasn’t until I got samples of all of newspaper print styles that I chose a printing style I genuinly loved, on newspaper style paper, and slight see-through pages, it felt the perfect fit for my zine.

My orginial idea was to have only 3 or 4 copies of the zine, A5 and present them on a shelf, but after deciding on 100 copies, of an entirely different sort of zine, in a different paper, that idea went out the window.

I had the idea of printing stacks of newspapers and putting them in a oldfashioned paper-shop style wire newspaper stand, and so figured I could combine and have them presented together in the stand.

However once it arrived I decided that on their own the zines filled half the newspaper stand, and look amazing when put in every other slot, so you can see the front image without anything blocking the view.

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