Business Cards

Simple, sleek, uncomplicated- all things I knew I wanted, however it wasn’t until after i did my zine that I knew what image to use.

The image choice is not only stylish and in theme with my current work, but when making my zine, I chose not to associate my name witht he images, as theyre a non-profit piece of promotion for a good empowering cause, however it occured after they were sent to the printer, that they are in no-way associated with  my name, and so the image choice was made for me;

but in no-way am I complaigning, I love this image as image choice, I even chose to use the front from the zine’s back cover, as the front for my information side.

I chose not to give myself a title of Illustrator, because it felt redundant, it being in both my email and my website address!



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