Solidarity; Creating process

I began by printing off all these images of these strong women, in varying degrees of red, and went about stetching. I didn’t like the finish of this, they felt too staged, and so I thought maybe a more accurate representation was the way to go. Using tracing paper, I went about making a stylised version of these women with accurate proportions.

I then experimented with mediums and size, luckily, not long in I lucky to find the perfect medium, this browny red, really rich when edited right and perfect for this. I really wanted everything to be in one colour, or at least on the colour range.

I then went about re-creating until perfection, the usual case, I kept on drawing, I made 100% I was happy with the medium, by using multiple mediums for a number of my orginal drawings. Something about the images at this point thought were lacking depth, and were also on paper that encouraged ink bleed.

I moved on to thinker cartridge paper, and carried on, re-creating, until 100% satisfied with the images.



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