A little update

Quite ironically, it took a day without the internet for me to finally get around to updating my blog, just imagine it, no Mobile Data, no Wifi, just DVD’s you’ve watched a dozen times each, and a knowing weight on your chest that you’ve still to do a very important part of your degree but you despise it more than any other thing. 

Without any further adue I suppose I’ll get on with it, I’m not entirely sure how I’ll go about it so there may well be little-to-no sensial order to these following posts, which I suspect will be coming in some regularity for the next two weeks.

Of late, I’ve spent majority of my time since January (post dissertation hand in) working on my subject content, of which I will be debuting in the degree show in May. When I’ve not been doing subject work, I designated select hours per-week to work on my professional practice. Obviously when I wasn’t doing either of these my life was fairly occupied with sleeping, drinking and working, all fairly regular practices for students. 

So I suppose a sensible order would be to do my professional practice posts first, in the order I completed them in real life, and then go back on myself and update subject in a relitiveoy compact re-telling of how I’ve got to where I am. 

Can you tell I’m stalling?


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