Solidarity; a zine concept

Internation Womens day, is just bloody amazing, I love it, I love the feeling of solidarity, unity and the serge of activist energy that floats around in cities, on social media, and I this year, I got a real buzz of energy from it, seeing all the protests around the world, against the patriachy society we live in.

I was inspired, INFUSED, and all of a sudden, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, schrolling through twitter, the news, social media blogs, I see these women, all dressed in red for this years campaign, and just felt a serge of pride, and realised that was it, that’s how you inspire the next generation, you show the strong, proud, happy women fighting today, to show them that they can do it tomorrow.

The idea is simple- I’ll take all these images of strong women I see, I draw them (how, i’m not sure), and I show an inspiring show of solidarity, and use it to promote international womens day.



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