Everyday Sexism; The Creating Process

I bought a little A5 book, small and nice and portable, and took it with me to situations I thought may occur in a relevent situation, a simple but relitively time consuming exercise.

I also went about talking to friends and colleges I work with, this was beyond easy, because evryone I spoke to had at least a douzen stories. After the second person however I realised, all our stories are very similiar, because they were so small and nigling, and common place, we’d all experienced them.

newspare img 2

Despite this, in fineliners, biro, pencil (whatever i had on me) I drew a bunch of little concept designs, very sketchy, very faceless and annomous.

I liked this, I REALLY  liked this, it was a perfect accident, what better way to make the situations universal, that to remove the identites(i.e. their identifying charactoristics).

Time goes on, I come up with a few concept designs that make sense, and you can see whats meant to be happening, brilliant right? Not when you can’t for the LIFE of you choose a medium that works.

newspare img 1


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