Everyday Sexism; a silent problem

After my initial angry drawing session, I didn’t do much, maybe one or two sketches, until after my dissertation was done and dusted, hense the lack of regularity in posts.

I started in a small sketch book, just sketching my own experiences, that from home, work, my student house, on the street.

The subject for me was easy to understand and contextualise, not only from personal experience, but as its lead from my dissertation reading, the likes of Laura Bates (Everyday Sexism) a huge inspiration, being able to read stories of hundreds of women and girls being harrassed/objectified/made to feel infierier by people in their lives.

Which is why I’m going to make it my mission to make things brutelly honest, and not to sugar coat things, as the reality of everyday sexism is that it is most likely to occur from those you know- Family, colleges, teachers & bosses.

“Women are silenced by both the invisibility and the acceptability of the problem.”

Laura Bates [Everyday Sexism]

A key part of this project for me will be showing the regularity and mundane accurance of these situations that we’ve become so normalised and accustomed to, that we fail to notice/speak out when they occur.

It may also be nice to show the images through the eye of the person recieving the comments, as to put the audiance in their shoes.


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