I’m not certain I have done this right but we were told to upload our plans and here it is.

I have not included the evenings in any of the pictures, thats because I work evenings, and don’t get told my shifts until the monday week of. I work 3/4 times a week 5 to anytime after 11. I also work all day until close on match days. If I haven’t got work I get on with odd jobs like banking, cooking, cleaning, completely tasks set in the workshops, like cv, personal statements, this etc, and recently I’ve been trying to do a minimum of one/two drawings a night if I haven’t got work.


The first image is my schedule up until the end of term, including work in red, which is added week of, so it’s only showing the current week, social commitements in orange, and University workshops, tuturials, meetings includng trips etc are in purple. I’ve not specically made this for this purpose.



The second image is a list of goals for up to the end of term, starting with more specific goals to achieve by sunday the 5th of March and then a more general list of goals to achieve before the end of second term.




The third image is a picture of the week ahead scheduled with rough time estimates and meetings and work written in, although I do this anyway, so it’s a bit more detailed than I necersary.





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