The Light Bulb Moment- Realisation

In complete transparency, I dont compartmentalise well, and so, I suppose all I can say is I’m a fairly poor student, but I try in my own way, and despite this, I’m sure I’ll suprise people. (You can’t fault my honesty.) You’ll realise I’m sure that from september, when I made my project proposal post, I’ve done no-posts, and this is quite simply, because I have been focused on my dissertation and just put my subject work on the back burner, and working very little.

This was not just because of being focused on my dissertation however, I really did want to do some work, but something about the topic made it hard for me to broach, without approaching on all the work done on a similiar field in the past, and even by other students on my course.

I worked for a while just trying to create anything that would make sense in context, and for a while just drew simple line drawings of feminist icons, because I was set in my idea of trying to incourage the next generation of feminists by seeing the amazing women of the past, but I couldn’t pull this off, I couldn’t get it to look natural, and the context just wasn’t there, and so I was in a lull.

Where do I go from here?

No where, I did nothing, for ages, I suck.

Then, I had it, the light bulb moment- I was at work, where basically I was just enraged by all the comments me and my female co-workers recieved and the blatent lack of respect, compared to the comments the male bartender on that night recieved. When I got home that night, I made this image;


International womens day 2.1I think I will take this idea of incorparating texts with the image, to make feel like it is just part of the world, an accepted normality, built into societal normalities we’ve become accustomed too. I really like the sketchy angry look of this drawing, with the brash lines and how this reflects in the context of the image. I will play around with mediums, compesitions, and sketch down some other experience i’ve have personally with everyday sexism, as well of those of my friends, collegues.

This kind of drawing, in the moment, compostion heavy drawings are something I will look into during artist research, maybe looking at reportage type artists, such as George Butler.


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