Year 3 Project Proposal

My subject feeds from the research I’ve been doing for my dissertation. My dissertation is about everyday sexism and as background research I was looking at the history of women, especially in reference; feminism, furthering the movement and reducing the gender in-equality gap.

Looking at how reality as we know it is what we’ve made it, just because something is accepted and considered normal at one time, doesn’t mean it’s morally right and that things are always changing. As moral inspiration I took from the quote by Luigi Pirandello, and thought about how relevant this was for the feminist movement through history.screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-15-06-03

When considering everything women have now, everything thats taken for granted and the dramatic changes forgone. We should take our hats of for the individuals who fought for equality and equal rights. Without such change societies views of women would be dramatically different.

I want to try and bring attention to these women, try to enlighten people as to the things such individuals went through in order to get society where it is today. To show the work of the women that are still fighting. To show that the fight for equality between gender isn’t over, and to inspire more women to get involved with fighting for gender equality by showing examples of amazing women doing just that.


Such as Emma Watson, who is a role model to lots of women around the world, her involvement in many feminist issues such as the UN #HeForShe campaign, clearly shows a worldwide support for gender equality. I quote ‘HeForShe is inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality. And it starts by taking action right now to create a gender equal world’. This shows that she is using her influence to promote change and gender equality.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-01-03-45However I also want to show women such as Gloria Steinem, an amazing women who has done loads since the 60’s to advance the feminist movement and fight gender inequality. A symbolic feminist leader and spokeswoman and yet unless you know a fair amount about this broad topic area, you’re unlikely to have ever heard of her, especially those in the younger generation.

I believe the issue of gender inequality is far from over and we have a long way to go until we achieve this. But with that in mind, we need to be telling the stories of the difference these women made, to inspire the next generation of feminists, to show them that it is possible to make a difference. I want to try and do this with my work. I want to tell their stories. But not just the stories of these two women, I want to try and tell the stories of as many women as I can.

This brings me nicely onto my methodologies; I have been inspired by the work of Illustrators such as Lou Beach, Russell Mills, Charles Scott Wilkin, Fernando Leal, Eda Akaltun, Fred Otnes, all of whom made inspiring visual collage, using a mixture of self made layers, print, drawing, paint, photography, found imagery and other materials of  this nature.

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So I would possibly like to use; Paper Collage, Screen Printing, Lino Print, Etching, Photography and Photoshop. Ideally I want to experiment with ways of telling the stories through all or some of these. With the momentarily intention of possibly working towards an Artist Book or Printed Press or Editorial and Installation.


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