Kaye Blegvad (Editorial Project)

Kaye Blegvads’ illustrations are eye opening to how simple illustrations can really be, to illustrate a message. She has a very traditional illustration medium, but has a very individual style, which she experiments with, using it in different context, such as adding layers, making gifs and using her style to create ceramic pieces, and objects. I really love the simplicity of her work, something I strive to achieve in my own work.


What are the key ideas has the illustrator picked up on in the text?

I can’t say what the key ideas the illustrator has picked up on, as I have only seen her work out of context, but she seems to be a keen feminist, the focus of her work being based around women and injustice.

Have they taken a direct or indirect approach?

She’s taken a indirect route, trying to use metaphor and suggestive imagery to represent a complex content.

Does the image attempt to sum up the crux of the article or just pick up on one idea within it and run with that?

Again, it’s hard for me to say, as I have only had the images without context, but I would have had a guess, her work picks up key ideas and develops that, rather than a narrative of the article.

What are the main characteristics of the visual language? Is it emotive, funny, clever, expressive, narrative, symbolic, metaphorical, satirical?

Her work is symbolic, and comes with a lot of depth of context. The composition and narrative is clever and metaphorical and works well in a editorial context, as rather than giving a visual representation of the article (i.e. a storyboard style piece), it’s a image that entices people to explore the article further.

Does the image have visual charm? If so how and why? How do the choices for material process, composition and colour work with the idea and/or make it appealing?

The images she creates are visually beautiful, their simple, with a minimalist use of colour, with clear cut composition, making most of space, but not trying to fill every inch with important narrative, makes the images powerful and bold. Her use of material, but then manipulating it to create different aesthetic finishes is genius, it really makes the most of making it hers.

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