Luke Best (Editorial Project)

Luke Best has an interesting style of working, from what I can see, it appears that he has drawn the layers of his images separately and cut them and stuck them on top, probably digitally using photoshop and the images are very clean. This is another idea I would like to experiment, I’m extremely interested in collage at the minute, and think it’s an avenue, I have definitely not explored enough, as I don’t find it as stressful as drawing, or painting, as I feel without the possible scrutiny of my drawing or paintings, I feel much more relaxed to explore with composition and meaning, and I feel like my images will be better as a result. As although I can still draw aspects of the image myself, they won’t be central to the quality of the image, and so I will feel less pressure as a result. While Luke Best draws all aspects of his images, I will explore this style, I can also use found images to create depth and context.

I also find that Luke Best composition of his image is considered and really adds to the communication of the image.



What are the key ideas has the illustrator picked up on in the text?

I don’t know as without access to the articles it’s hard to say, but this work seems to be themed about the destruction of the planet, although that is a guess.

Have they taken a direct or indirect approach?

He’s taken a indirect metaphorical approach, which works brilliantly, as it really makes you want to know more, and add context.

Does the image attempt to sum up the crux of the article or just pick up on one idea within it and run with that?

I would assume that he’s focused it on the crux of the articles, as the destruction has so many angles, and if he’s illustrating it, it’s probably to make a certain point.

What are the main characteristics of the visual language? Is it emotive, funny, clever, expressive, narrative, symbolic, metaphorical, satirical?

Emotive, clever, narrative, symbolic, metaphorical.

Does the image have visual charm? If so how and why? How do the choices for material process, composition and colour work with the idea and/or make it appealing?

The image is full of visual charm, it’s bright, and simplistic that is visually very easy on the eyes, and entices you to want to know more. His mixed media approach is brilliant, using physical techniques, combined with computer editing software creates a really clean, simplistic, well presented image. Obviously taking advantage of the ability to replay play around with the best composition, that comes with computer editing.


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