Editorial Overall Review.

What are the key ideas that you picked up on in the text?

In the first text I mainly picked up on the idea of the pressures of hollywood, and how it dehumanises actors and how their desires and beliefs are put behind their careers.

In the second text I mainly focused on the feelings she had, primarily the ones she had when she was falling. I thought this would help make it more relatable.

Have you taken a direct or indirect approach?

I think for all pieces I’ve taken a indirect approach, I’ve not given a exact visual repetition of the articles in any piece, i’ve tried to keep metaphorical, leaving the work up to interpretation.

Do you images attempt to sum up the crux of the article or just pick up on one idea within it and run with that?

My Images definitely pick up on key ideas, rather than the sum of the article.

What are the main characteristics of your visual language? 

Well my visual language thought has been varied, my first was quite delicate and intended on being emotive, slightly funny, and symbolic. My visual language in my second piece was a lot bolder, sharper, intent to be emotive, symbolic and metaphorical rather than representative. My visual language in the third piece (the gif) was a mix of both I feel.

Does the image have visual charm? If so how and why? How do the choices for material process, composition and colour work with the idea and /or make it appealing?

I believe my images did have a certain charm, especially my gif, I think it was an interesting concept and so making it intriguing giving it a certain visual charm, as well as think, as it was minimalist colours, in the gif presentation, I think it makes a good piece. The other two were less so, the first was faded and lacking – too simplistic, and yet not simplistic enough, instead of making the compositional minimal, I should have had a stricter colour palette. The second was bold and sharp and although had a lot of depth, it also had a lot of colour variation and dark colours and was probably lacking in visual charm.

What are you enjoying the most?

Learning and developing my photoshop skills, and experimenting with different techniques.

What are you finding the most challenging?

The tight time scales, with my work outside of university as well as uni work, I find a tight time-scale quite challenging, but I suppose thats realistic and helps me prepare for the future.

What are you discovering?

That I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and that I enjoy not being tied to a pen/paintbrush.

What are you learning and understanding about your creative process?

I work best with a tight time schedule, as it force start the ‘creative ball rolling’.



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