Editorial Project- (Week 3)

For the third week, we were asked to choose something new to work on, I chose a different article, this time, about a women with a brain tumour, talking about her experience, how she came about realising something wasn’t right, and how it felt and how it affected her life.


I chose this article because it had lots of descriptive terminology that really helped me visualise the story, which is rare, and so I felt that this brilliant well written article was worth my time, and that i’d be an interesting topic to create a Gif too.

After 3-4 days of thinking about how I could add to this article, what I could do to add to it, I noticed this part;

“It wasn’t until my second fall less than a month later that I realized something other than ineptitude was going on. I was marching across a Vermont meadow when my son pointed up at the Big Dipper and shouted, “Look, Mommy!” The moment I raised my eyes toward the stars, I started to float and my feet lost traction with the earth, as if following the trajectory of my head. I ended up observing the spinning constellation from flat on my back. I decided to call my doctor.”

I knew what I wanted to do, but I had no idea how to go about making it, my photoshop skills leave something to be desired, I’m clueless on how to make a gif, and I had no idea what mediums to use.

So I started with sketching, then playing around with images physically and seeing compositionally how they work.

Then I went about watching hours of youtube tutorials on how to makes gifs, how to make gifs smooth and seamless, and googling endless selections of questions such as;how many gif slides do I need to make it not jumpy, how long is an average gif, how long should each gif slide play for etc.

Needless to say, I’m clueless, and so three days later I can be completely honest and say that while yes, this isn’t the best gif to ever hit the internet, it’s the best (of only two) thats I’ve ever made, it was hard work, but rewarding.


It shows a women falling, with a constellation spinning around her, it’s supposed to represent disorientation. While I feel the meaning is actually fairly obvious with reference to the article, the finish isn’t brilliant, it’s gitterey and no where near as good as I had hoped. The idea was that the constellation in the background would spin smoothly around the figure, while the figure bounced around in the middle of the gif.

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