Editorial Project (Week 2)

This week we were told to create two different things, one 3D piece, which we could then photograph or draw to create a 2D piece, all in one week. I worked with the same article for this piece but taking an entirely different approach with mediums. While still focusing on the pressures of hollywood, finding another way to convey these.


I immediately thought the best thing to make something 3D with for this article is mirrors, as a primary subject in my piece is vanity and (camera)lights(action). I had images from my research of the last project that I could forward into using on this piece, as they were found on copyright free websites. I went about working on composition and creating my mirrored box, all of which took me a surprising amount of time.

The day before the deadline, my box was made but I was then faced with an issue I hadn’t yet considered in all my designing. I was forced to find a way to photograph the set up, but I don’t have a professional camera, or a proper lighting set up, and so improvised, and in the end of the effort, I got a few images to experiment with on photoshop to try and remove all traces of the reflection of my camera from the images, as well as playing around compositionally with scale.

Before Photoshop;


After photoshop;

Brief 2 Becky WattsI actually ended up really liking my final piece for this project, it was fun to have the freedom to experiment with my images on photoshop to my hearts content, and change composition, colour, and scale. I think its a visually interesting image and has a richness in depth that transferred well from 3D to 2D which really helps with the narrative, and impact, but could spend more time with the image and give it more layers of meaning, as it could go beyond an editorial illustration.

I could take a interesting image, to in my eyes a compositionally fascinating image. This piece brought to eyes that I need to work on and develop my photoshop skills within this area (and to be fair, most areas).

In response to feedback, I went away and looked at the statues of 4 hollywood actresses holding up a gazebo type structure, and though how this could be a good was of representing the pressure on women in hollywood. I also looked at Alexander Calder the sculpturer and his work with mobiles and balance kaleidoscope, interested concepts, and could be used to make interesting adaptions to the first editorial project.


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