Editorial Project (Week 1)

The editorial Project was about being set a brief with a strict deadline, like a professional editorial would have.

The first week Editorial Project was about the metaphoric relationship between word and image.


I chose an article about a famous hollywood actress that was talking about her reservations about getting naked for film purposes anymore, and the article was about the pressures of hollywood, especially on women, and how those pressure compromise the individuals beliefs, values and desires for the sake of their career, fame and reputation.

I did quite a lot of experimentation with composition, as requested in the brief, in the end I was developing two different designs, un-sure which one would be best, I was torn, as the one I believe portrayed the message most clearly, was also cliche, with the main-emphasis being on an oscar statue. The other was more focused on womanhood, and the personal struggle, but wasn’t as strong of a compositional or a narrative.

editorial 1I am actually really disappointed in this piece, I think I got parts of it right (i.e. the blocks representing the pressures), but i don’t think it communicated the message clearly enough, the meaning is lost. As well as this, I don’t feel like the image was very compositionally strong, and I different leave myself enough time to fix issues that arrive when scanning such as loss of definition in the water colour (of which I really don’t think worked, and if given more time I would change). Over all I really wasn’t happy with this piece, I feel like I wasn’t strict enough with my time, with it being only a week, I procrastinated and forced myself to rush, and my final piece reflects that.

I also found out from the man we emailed that this wouldn’t have been very well received by a professional client, as if they ask you for a certain size piece they expect you to make use of all the space available and leave minimal black space.

So despite a bad image, I developed from this piece and became more conscious of time management with the other projects. I also took note of the blank space comment and made sure to fill the space on my next piece.


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