War Horse- Part 2

I can’t dispute that I found this project extremely challenging, not because I though the project itself was particularly difficult, but because despite my best efforts I found myself lacking inspiration, all the ideas I came up seemed really obvious, and so I actually found myself demotivated to even try.

My motivation oddly wasn’t helped by research of WarHorse, and Illustrations and art representing it, because, as I feared, it was very much as I expected.

Pinterest Research

So it took me a long time to create anything even remotely decent, and as much as I know it’s a big art no-no I actually threw away a lot of images because I was so unsatisfied with any part of it. A little bit into the project I decided I needed to start a sketchbook rather than working on paper because I was being very noncommittal into developing my work.

I decided a little while in that I should use water colour, as I felt this was the truest medium for the story, it can be watery, muddy, distressed, dark and light at the same time.

So then I started to explore, with compositions, and concepts mainly;

There were some missed attempts… (during which I decided on a colour palette, in an attempt to make my images feel like a set.)

But there were also some triumphs…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then went about creating my three images; I decided I would just use my favourite images from the trial and error process, as I really didn’t want a polished piece, I want something loose, quick, free.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although I spent majority of this project entirely clueless, I am actually pretty chuffed with the simplicity of the result, bold colours, simplistic design, and different from anything I’d seen.

If I was too do this again, I would probably try and re-create the middle image with more care and consideration as to the colours, but I stand by my decision that it’s okay for it not to be perfect as it’s fitting with the story.

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