Engineers of the Imagination (Part 1- Review)

In this post I will be reviewing how it was to work in group and how I contributed and how the other group members contributed.

I must admit that mostly I really enjoyed working in a group, although at times it got frustrating trying to get your opinions heard and taken into consideration. It was also really hard getting some people to turn up on time, and so group meetings were really hard work, but other than that, when we actually started putting the exhibition together, I think we worked really well together and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them.

My group members ;

  • Eliot Southwell
  • Ashleigh Parsons
  • Federico Seppi
  • Raileanu Loan (Jon)
  • Patrick Tafadzwa Lloyd

The responsibility to cut and create the tunnels came down to me, Eliot and Jon.

The responsibility of the decorating and lighting the inside of the den came down to me, Eliot and Ashleigh.

The responsibility of creating the den, and covering it came down to Federico, although because of the size everyone except Patrick helped out.

Ashleigh took it upon herself to decorate the tunnel going up to the tunnel, covering the hall in foil, to make it more magical, and creating the start tunnel up to the top of the den lining it with black fabric, and creating a starry  tunnel using lighting to create the desired effect.

Patrick was supposed to creating a film and collaborating with our group and and putting his film with our exhibition to make a juxtaposed piece, however it was extremely different and unrelated from what we were doing for our project, and so in reality I don’t know how it would have gone with our work,a although i’m sure with habit of time to prepare we could have made it work.

The finishing touches were down to me and Eliot, these included adding lights, turning them on and cleaning.


Eliot Southwell

Eliot put of making is tunnel to last but mainly because he had little experience and was nervous so watched me and Jon making ours. He however was very helpful, helping everyone and anyone that needed, especially with Federico with the Structure, and Ashleigh with the tunnel and sticking up the foil. Eliot was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with him again, he was extremely hard working and came in whenever he was needed.

Ashleigh Parsons

Ash joined the Engineers of the Imagination late, but hit the ground running, straight away getting stuck in and coming up with brilliant ideas to improve what ideas we already had in place. She worked hard from the first second and was in pretty must every day 10-5 helping us create the exhibition space. She took an authoritative role in the group trying to make the people who came in less come in and help the group rather than just working on there part separately.

Federico Seppi

It was clear from day one that Federico worked best with 3D (he was in the original 3 group members) and creating installations rather than flat work, and so me and Eliot were to start with unsure on how we could work together, but we soon found a rhythm, and he proved to be hard working and very creative and imaginative, coming up with loads of ideas. However due to the language barrier it was at times hard to express our ideas to him, but we still managed to work together. He also adapted easily as the ideas changed, and adapted. He was regularly late at turning up for group meetings but that was okay because he worked hard when he came in, and he was normally late because he was collecting resources such as twigs and branches for the structure.

Raileanu Loan (Jon)

Jon also joined our group very late but was also extremely hard working and went along with our ideas while suggesting concepts he thought would add to the exhibition. Jon had little experience with paper cut, but was an excellent drawer and so needed help to begin with but soon got in the swing of it. He seemed to enjoy trying something a little our of his comfort zone, but liked working on his own more than joining in with the group work, but he tried hard and turned up on the days he needed to be in, and worked on the project out of the time we were collaborating in the studio or the shop.

Patrick Tafadzwa Lloyd

Patrick also joined our group late, but seemed reluctant to work in the group, keen to work on his own idea on his own. From what I understand his film was something to do with spacemen and native americans, although I must admit I never actually saw the film. We only met with Patrick twice in the run up to the opening night, and although telling him multiple time that he had to be in at least two hours before the opening to set up the film, and so we could find an appropriate spot for him to project it, he turned an hour after the opening, with his film on his laptop. He then proceeded to go down stairs and go up into our den (having never seen what we’d created, because he hadn’t come to help or even collaborate with us) and said that ‘this wouldn’t work’ and then he moved all the interior set up props (houses, tunnels, trees, snow etc) and put his laptop inside and started playing it. I don’t feel like Patrick worked hard or really wanted to work in a group at all. He re-used old work in his new film, and although I assume he worked hard to make the film, he was late every time we asked to meet him, as well as him being an hour late to the opening.



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