ILLUSTRA-TED Critique Feedback 15′


Continue with your series of 5 images, play around with words and images, including quotes in your images.


10 Minute Presentation;

5 Minutes: 5 images/With quotes included

5 Minutes: Video (Questions)

Pen and Ink

Ronald Searle- Prisoner of War

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A research method. How have the concepts been explored through research, creative play, visual thinking and material process? How rich is the development work? How rich is the development work? How could the idea/visual development process be richer next time?

  • Empathetic research- you have really engaged with the subject.
  • Well done for trying new things – exp. film- if you want to continue with this you may need some technical advice in sound editing + lighting- talk to Neil Pedder.
  • Listened well to talk and research speaker well.
  • Good use of tone within images.
  • You created an open discussion.
  • Strong Imagery, great depth of research.

Public Engagement. Does the work invite the audience in to the subject? Is the work engaging? If so, how? If not, why not? How well presented is the work? How could this be improved? What suggestions do you have about how the work could be more engaging?

  • Very well considered and prepared presentation- professional.
  • Words and images put together very well-creating very eloquent results- well done.
  • The words+images communicate together clearly and well without even your narration- particularly the chequered room + the isolated building.
  • Presentation of work is very good and audience engaging.
  • Use of video added dimension to your research- opening up the idea for the other people to talk about it.
  • The way that the talk was presented engaged the viewer.
  • Maybe could have pre-recorded the story or added a piece of accompany music/sounds.
  • Your drawings were very expressive with the fast and harsh lines.
  • The video of people reactions really put things in perspective.

Use of video added dimension to your research- opening up the idea for the other people to talk about it.Communication. How well does the work communicate the ideas? how has the visual language supported this, for example through metaphor, humour, empathy, beauty, narrative, sequence? How well is the visual language working? Consider use of materials, colour, composition, word/image relationship and consistency of approach.

  • Sound Recording.
  • Very strong images- maybe didn’t need video?
  • … and speech v. good the images were very moving.
  • Made the presentation feel like an experience by allowing us to view and analyse the imagery whilst reading the story to us (narrating)
  • Striking images.
  • The talk draws the viewer in however maybe setting the tone with music or a more staggered voice over would convey the message slightly better.


In my opinion I was really happy with the feedback I received and the project in general. If I was to go back and change things/improve I would work on my video editing skills and give myself more time to record and edit the videos to create a high quality finished video. Otherwise the first image I could have worked on more to make the drawing look more relaxed and natural. But the rest of the project I am extremely happy with.


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