Constellation 30/10/15 Baudrillard’s four-stage historical model within context of an object from our subject area.

I have chosen to use a paintbrush, as I didn’t have many objects to choose from and I thought a paintbrush could be an ideal object in the concept of the Baudrillard’s model. 

 1. ‘The logic of utility, labelled it’s ‘functional logic’ . Also known as the use-value in the Marx’s notion. In the case of a paintbrush, the purpose of it as an object is to do painting.

2.’The logic of the market, labelled it’s ‘exchange value’. Referring to the capacity of the object to measure value. A paintbrush would be around equivalent value to that of a Fine Liner, or a biro.

3. ‘The logic of the gift, labelled it’s ‘symbolic exchange value’. This refers to the value of an object in relation to a subject. The example givin of this stage was a diamond ring is a gift given symbolic if romantic feelings. My paintbrush doesn’t really have this, if the paint brush was given to me as a gift at an important marker in my life, such as going away to university, it could be argued that it’s symbolic of wishing luck or that that person has faith in me.

4. ‘The logic of status, labelled it’s ‘sign value’. “Value here is symbolic and because of this, intrinsically relational. This means that a particular object has value in relation to other objects, which are used as points of comparison.” Examples of this given were a Mercedes might be roughly equivalent in status to a BMW of a similar size and a Rolex watch is likely to be perceived as a higher status than a Seiko. To the best of my understanding, I think this is referring to status value, in which case, my paintbrush is a fairly pricy paintbrush, made for professional use, this indicates it has a greater symbolic status than a cheap paintbrush that comes with a set of children’s paints. 

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