Constellation 16/10/15 Transitional Objects in Adulthood Task.

The aim of the task was to choose on object we had one us or with us that could be a transitional object into Adulthood. Ashley suggested that a transitional object is probably something we always have but don’t consciously acknowledge. Ashley made sure we didn’t choose our phone or water bottle, as although we have these things with us all the time, we’re always aware of where they are, and they are constantly in use.

After a thorough search through all my possessions and everything I was wearing, and although I discovered that I always have on me many different objects that could be argued as transitional objects, I decided among three possibilities. The most personal and obvious choose was a picture I always have with me in my Purse of my Dog Benji taken when I was around 4, when he was still a puppy.

transitional object 1 IMG_2786

I chose not to use this, as we were going to be explaining it in front of the entire glass, and I didn’t want to be emotional. My second was my headphones I have had for just under a year, but I take with me everywhere, I use all the time, but I never really notice how much I rely on them until they’re not there.


While they are 100% a transitional object for me, I chose not to use them as they are useless without my phone, and I wanted to avoid any relation to it. The object I chose, is my watch, which I chose because of all my possessions I have had it the longest and it holds some sentimental significance.


What is the Object?

The watch i’ve had for 3 years.

How do you use it on everyday basis?

I use to wear it functionally as a watch, as when I got it, I still lived at home in the middle of the country, I used it check the time, as I would often not take my phone with me, as it had next to no use, as there was very rarely a signal where I went. Now that I live in the city, I use my phone to check the time, so it has next to no function, but I still find myself checking it, although I’m not sure how much I actually acknowledge the time.

How conscious of it are you?

I wouldn’t say I’m every conscious of it, I always take it off before I go to bed and put it on after i’ve showered, but it’s more like a habit. I only really notice it when it’s gone.

Has this object been specially designed?

No, I was bought it as a gift by my boyfriend, but although it now looks worn and different, it looks exactly the way it was bought.

Do you use it for it’s designed purpose? i.e. Totem.

I do and I don’t, at home in the country I do all the time. Less so when I’m in the city but I still wear it and glance at the face, however I wear it more now because it is a habit from home that I can keep doing, despite being so far from home.

In what way do you value the object?

It has no money value, the value of it is in it’s connection to home, and the fact I can keep apart of home on me at all times.

If you feel that the object represents you, think about in what way?

The watch it simple and dark, which is my taste, but I feel more than anything, it’s old and worn and shows my love of my home and my family and that I want to stay close to them.


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