Biographies Project Reflection (After Critique)

The critique made me realise my project was lacking in confidence, and so weren’t communicating the story well, I wasn’t thinking enough about how images convey the message and was relying too much on the words accompanying the images.

Above are three examples of where I have had to use text to describe the scene as there image on it’s own isn’t explaining the story clearly, and are coherently. These are two images I also think aren’t athletically pleasing either, so in retrospect I wouldn’t include these images, I would work harder to refine the image.

In the crit it was suggested that I should think of an alternative background style that would make the page’s reference to the story clearer. For example using images from the time to put context and time in reference to the story.

Maybe images like these of a German cinema at the time for the page about Lotte Reiniger’s love for cinema.

 And example would be  the image on the second side of the book where it is supposed to convey the rise of the Nazi’s and Lotte and Koch deciding to emigrate. In my original page I have a bright page of a massive Nazi flag and a crowd, with a cut out of a couple holding hands and bags walking away from the crowd. I now believe an photograph taken at the time of the real crowds, and rally for the Nazi’s would have been a much more effective and powerful image.

Alternatively if I stuck with the use of watercolour, I should have used more muted colour with more detail, and abit more black so the difference wasn’t as extreme. I believe all these would make the images more powerful and communicate the message clearly, with hopefully the use of less or even no words.

The photographs taken at the time are all mostly black and white, which would tie in well with silhouette work. On top of this the black and white images tend to look worn/old/eery, which will really work well in the pages about the time in her life when she was fleeing Germany and couldn’t get residence anywhere.

Finally I don’t think the finish of the images was as good as they should have been. Paint ran from one side of the paper to the other. I made spelling mistakes, and the spray glue made the image look too transparent in spots, as well as which you can see pencil marks on a lot of the black paper where I’ve sketched the design before cutting it out.


Finally there is one more thing I could have done better- I should have had one coherent style going through the book. Although I did use paper cut throughout the story, and water colour, the writing, the colour, the style of paper cut and water colour are changing through out the book, in places just looking plain old scruffy.

However as much as feel that the idea for the book was in general abit of a failure, there are some pages that I think have a strong and interesting compositions, and colour usage.


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