Easter Charity Project

I really enjoyed this project. I was really inspired by this project concept, and chose to do the charity WWF, as its a charity I particularly relate to, and find the cause inspiring, interesting and it had a number of different aspects I could focus in on.

I made 3 final pieces because I had a number of ideas, and I didn’t know what one was the appropriate, and so I chose to make all 3- a set of 3 posters, 1 Gif, and a information card to send through the post.

In order to make these, I did a lot of research, mainly on the WWF website looking at the animals, and deciding on concepts, designs and what not. I also looked at different advertisement campaigns, and I liked lots of different styles, but I was specifically inspired by the WWF campaigns, and by ones that were relatable to me, by making obscure charities, relatable to everyday life, such as the ads below;

dirty water 2dirty water

After research, I experimented with drawings, and styles, and then decided on a concept-

‘We’re all connected’

An idea I thought could be used for all the projects, as my idea is to try and make the projects relatable to people who view the final pieces.

The Posters are aiming at the issue of killing and hunting innocent animals for ivory, such as african Elephants, and Rhinos.

Animal ProjectAnimal Project 2 2

Animal Project 2

The next final product I made was a Gif of close ups of wild cat breeds, including the Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Tiger, Amur Leopard. I chose to do these because the are hunted and skinned for everything, including skins, and bones for loads of different reasons. I chose to zoom in on just the eye, and the eye is the most relatable, and can be reflected back to the individual who is viewing the campaign. The idea was that as the images flick, the cats adapt slowly in the fur colour, and emerging in a human eye, which reflects mine and finish by flashing the catch phrase at the end.

Animal Project  5 Animal Project  6Animal Project  7 Animal Project  8Gif ImageAnimal Project  1

Final Gif

In my original gif, there wasn’t a human eye, but after my group tutorial with Anna, I decided to add it to the gif, so that the catch phrase was a little more clear in it’s meaning.

I liked doing this project because it was something I hadn’t done before and pushed the limits on what I was comfortable doing, and adapting.

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