Study skills session with Cath Davies- (13/11/14)

Cath Davies’ study skills session was on her approach to analysing other people’s work, as well as her own, as well as how to analyse with the use of theoretical underpinning. She taught us her method of analysis, where you breakdown the analysis into three columns titled; “description”, “analysis”, and “theory”. The first column is the description of the image, and to describe the image in its most basic form, listing all the different parts of the image. The next column is analysis, where you take every point made in the description column and you think of all the possible connotations associated with the different parts of the image, as well as the cultural and symbolic meanings. You follow the analysis column with theory of what the image might suggest based on the analysis of the image and then you must provide evidence from the library to find theoretical underpinning of ideas and analysis with academic perspectives on your take on the image. In addition to the first three columns, Cathy said that if you wanted to take your analysis a step further, you could add a fourth column called “your practice”, which is used along side analysis and theory. She made it clear the importance that theory and analysis must remain very different, and that theory should only ever be used to back up your analysis, and this is a helpful piece of information to remember when using it in your practice.


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