A Literal Phenomenal in Art & Design- (20/11/14)

Dr. Mahnaz Shah’s lecture was about the difference between the literal and the phenomenal. She spoke about the artists in history that have pushed the boundaries on what is excepted in both the art world, and as society as a whole, are the artists most renowned and refered through history, and are the artists behind the most well known art in the world.

She also talked about existentialism, which she quoted Rudolf Arnheim “Visual perception is visual thinking and therefore a cognitive activity”. This made me think of the power a visual creation can have, and how you can push boundaries and create something completely unique, which can change perspectives on something or someone, something I must take into consideration when creating illustrations, it’s important to consider how audiences perceive your work and what I want them to take away from viewing my work.

I am applying this idea to my current project on personification, where I’m using inanimate objects and I’m bringing those inanimate objects to life, so my viewer looks at them as more than what they are but experimenting with mediums, composition, textures, and drawing styles to make them feel alive, and so they look like the embodiment of soldiers in World War 1.


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