Sonic Arts Keynote Lecture- 23/10/14

The sonic arts lecture was taken by Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, and he spoke about sonic art, and how art can be expressed using audio, and he spoke about artists such as Jean Claude Risset, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Alexandros spoke about how they are experimenting and pushing the boundaries in their field, by mixing different sounds to create new ways of creating sounds, for example Max Mathews, who was the first person to every make noise using a computer.

This practice can be easily applied to Illustration by using new ways of image making, such as using your body to making images using different objects to draw rather than a paint brush, for example, a part of your body, a twig, a leave, a spoon, or beauty product (e.g. drawing an eye with mascara).

Alexandros also talked about when a musician has a composition in their head, they visualise their idea in a more tangible way, allowing them to improve and add to it, which is very similar to the way I work as an illustrator. I believe this helped with my brief at the time, where I had to create 40 different compositional sketches for one image, by getting down a rough compositional sketch, I was able to adjust perspectives and angles to make the image more powerful and effective.


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