The Sensorial Object Lecture- 16/10/14

The leader for this keynote lecture; the sensorial object was Natasha Mayo, and her session was on materiality- the fascination with materials values, the ability to speak, and convey meaning. This applies more to those on a designer, maker, or textiles course, however it could be loosely to Illustration, as rather than working on paper with pen and pencil, consider other materials that could convey meaning through it’s associations, such as wood, ceramics, collage, and cardboard, as well as this, I could consider the medium in which I work with, such as pen, water colour, acrylic, ink, and what they can mean, such as soft diluted water colour for a gentle scene, or a think bold acrylic or water colour for a bold, tense, dramatic scene.

The idea of using materials and mediums to represent meaning in the ‘colour project’, as the idea behind the project was to focus purely on the use of colour and line, and so enhance the mood and atmosphere of the scenes we were trying to Illustration.

Some of the artists Natasha Mayo mentioned;

Ainsley Hillard

ainsley hillard 1

Funda Susamoglu

Funda Susamoglu


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