Post- Perspective Keynote Lecture- 9/10/14

During Jon Clarkson’s lecture on post-perspective, he talked about different views, that you don’t necessarily think of, and he mentioned adopting a non-human view point. This I found particularly helpful at the time, doing my current brief on “Leaning from the Steep Slope” by Italo Calvino, where I was looking to make 3 final images that were all very individual and different, and so incorporating a ‘non-human view point’ really helped. For a non-human view point’ you have to consider the position of the viewer, and how they will feel while looking at the Illustrations, for example, high or low angles are disconcerting as they’re angles we rarely see from, and so make the views feel insecure, allowing the Illustrate to represent the feeling of the subject.

Artists referenced for different types of techniques of post perspective mentioned in Jon Clarkson’s Keynote Lecture;

1. Multiplication of views and viewpoints

Cliver Head, Rebekah 2008

2 Rebekah L 1

Franz Ackermann

franz 1 franz 2











2. Adopting a non-human viewpoint

Terese Oulton

Terese 1 Terese 2

Andreas Gefeller

andreas Gefeller Gefeller 1








3. Doubling and Repetition

John Stezaker

John 2  john 1




John 3

Hiroshi Sugimoto


4. Historical Perspectives

Emma Willard – Universal history in perspective 1854

emma willard

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Diana Princess of Wales 1999 A representation of a representation

hiri 2


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