Study Skills sessions with Ashley Morgan- (20/11/14)

My strengths and weaknesses with Academic writing

Ashley Morgans sessions of reflection and feedback proved very helpful, she talked about what points you should cover in a blog post, when covering any subject, although she specifically referred to constellation and study skills session reflection blog posts.

She says that although it is good to state what the study skills or Keynote lecture were about, and what you did, but also;

  • Make sure you say any parts you didn’t understand.
  • How you’ll go about making sure you will understand it in the future.
  • How the session helped, or why it didn’t.
  • What you learning and how your learning it.
  • Make sure there is a person reflection in every post.

There are a list of questions that Ashley Morgan suggests answering, so that you can improve and advance in our ‘Academic Writing’, which she described using a car journey related metaphor.

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where am I going?
  3. Where will I be?
  4. How will I get there?
  5. Am I nearly there yet?

I started with thinking what are my academic skills that I already possess and which I need to work on.

Existing Strengths;

  • I’m not awful at writing in general.
  • I am good at spelling.
  • I am able to use a wide range of vocabulary.

What I need to improve on;

  • Academic Writing is new to me, as I have never done it before in the past.
  • I have a poor level of concentration and get easily distracted.
  • I have poor time management skills, and often find myself doing things last minute. Which makes me panic about writing assignments.
  • I find it difficult to start something, such as a blog post or an essay.
  • I find it hard to communicate my thoughts in writing in a coherent manner.
  • Analysis of pictures, and writing.
  • Referencing, as I’ve never done it before, and I find it difficult to get in the habit of doing.

I then began thinking about how I can help myself improve, based on my current weaknesses.

-I could improve my academic writing skills by visiting the library and reading more academic pieces of writing.
-I could help my concentration by removing distractions, maybe by working in the library or by turning off distraction such as my phone and social media.
-I could help with my time by starting when I first receive a project, and add to it over time, so I have more time to solve problems should any occur, and this could help my issues with starting projects as well, by taking notes and pre research, I have a base to start writing from.
-I could go to the library and look up ways to do analysis, and find the most effect method for me.
-I can use the referencing help sheet provided on blackboard to learn the correct way to reference, which I can also refer back to when and if I need it.


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